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LD's tests done with a Siemens S7-1512SP (optimized block access)
1: //indexed multiply with non-zero data - 434ms
2: //non indexed multiply with non-zero data - 557ms
3: //some trig functions - 498ms
4: //non indexed multiply with non-zero data, more calcs, for loop smaller - 455ms
5: //non indexed divide with non-zero data - 540ms
6: //non indexed multiply with zero data - 320ms
7: //Boolean logic - 54ms
8: //Bitwise operation - 51ms
9: //bubble sort - 1250ms

Again, due to the memory requirements I had to reduce the array sizes and extrapolate the results.

edit: I think that Kamenges is right, that in test 3 (and possibly some of the other tests) the TIA compiler detects that the variable doesnt get changed, so that it is a de-facto constant, and thus optimises the code by substituting the calculation by a simple value assignment of the result of the formula.

edit again: That could mean that the tests should be reviewed and possibly changed to avoid that from happening. Otherwise the test results are skewed.
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